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posted 10 Jan 2012, 16:48 by Unknown user

TIWU: Udecott Board Must Resign

The Executive Committee of the Transport and Industrial Workers’ Union (TIWU) at its statutory meeting of 2010-03-08 noted with keen interest the resignation of Calder Hart from all the state boards and, in particular, from his position as Executive Chairman of UDECOTT.

The executive committee noted with concern but not surprise that Calder Hart had apparently fled the country in the wake of his resignation.

The executive committee believes that a full scale criminal investigation must be launched into the operation of UDECOTT.

The executive committee calls upon the remaining board members of UDECOTT to resign immediately. 

The executive committee warns the government that the people of Trinidad and Tobago are highly agitated over the implications of the UDECOTT affair and will not be content with any mamaguy investigation meant to obfuscate the issues, cover up wrong doing and protect wrong doers, whether at the level of the UDECOTT board and/or management or at the level of the political directorate.
Judy Charles
General Secretary