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Just think about it T.I.W.U

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Then you must be a worker!

Just think about it.


Who decides if you get a job, what pay you get, if you have any vacation, if you get fired? It's

simple: the employer ... your boss! You have no real say in determining your terms and conditions

of employment.

Workers’ Rights

The Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago gives all citizens the right to join a trade union. This is called freedom of association.

Section 71 of the Industrial Relations Act 1972 (IRA) give workers the right to:                . “be a member of any trade union”

. “to take part in the activities of the trade union … and to hold office”

The law also protects workers where an employer tries to discriminate or victimise them for exercising their right. Section 42 of the IRA says that an employer:

. cannot dismiss a worker, or adversely affect their employment, only because the worker is an officer or member of a trade union

. cannot dismiss or otherwise prejudice a worker reason of trade union membership or because of participation in union activities outside working hours.

If an employer violates the law, they are liable, on summary conviction, to a fine of ten thousand dollars and to imprisonment for one year and can be ordered to reinstate the worker or reimburse any lost wages.



Although you enter into a contract of

employment and sell your labour power for a

wage, the employer sets the conditions under

which you enter into the contract by himself

and for himself.


This is nothing new. Workers and employers

have never been equal.


The individual worker is at the mercy of the

employer. That’s why workers have always

formed and joined trade unions. It’s the only

way we can get a voice … get some power on

the job which to fight back and look after

OUR interests.


So what are the benefits of joining a Union?

Higher Pay

There's no doubt about it! Wherever workers

join unions pay is higher. This is one of the

main reasons why workers join unions and

why employers hate unions.

Job Security

Job security is vital for all workers. No job …

no money! Food to buy, rent to pay, family to

feed! Many employers think that by sending a

worker home for a few days every few months

stops the workers getting continuity of

employment. Not so! But real job security and can 

only be won by getting union recognition.

Better Vacation

Too many workers get little vacation leave. Too many workers get none at all! Vacation leave is a

right and unions insist that workers get proper vacation leave.

Equal Pay For Women

Employers are happy with low pay for all workers and even lower pay for women. Women workers

often are paid less than male workers for jobs of comparable value. We believe in equal pay for

work of equal value.

Pension Rights

Too few workers have pensions. This is not a 'perk' but a right! Pensions are deferred wages that workers have to live on when they retire. Fighting for Pensions is an important struggle for workers

and their unions. Employers who do not want to negotiate pensions are employers who do not care

about a workers’ future


Getting Organised


Workers get real strength by organising themselves collectively into union and getting “recognition”.

When the Transport union gets recognition, the employer has to negotiate a Collective Agreement dealing with terms and conditions of work. In the TRANSPORT & INDUSTRIAL WORKERS’ UNION, members participate in developing their proposals for negotiating the collective agreement.

Union recognition means that you can look forward to improved wages and benefits … but you have to support the Union and show the company that you are not afraid to fight for what you want.

That is what it’s all about – workers using their collective strength to get what they are entitled to.





Workplace Safety

The International Labour Organisation (ILO)

 states that worl-dwide 6000 workers are killed

on the job every day! Work place safety is

essential for all workers. But given a choice

between profits and safety, what will

employers do? It takes Union to fight for

safety at work.


Discrimination and Harassment

 Are you being bullied at work? Are you being

harassed because you're a woman? You don’t

 have to take it! You have the right to a safe

 comfortable working environment. Being

harassed is not part of the job. You can do

something about it by joining the Union.


If you are interested in organising yourself into

a trade union, contact office of the TRANSPORT


Eastern Main Road Laventille, email us at:

tiwu@tstt.net.tt or at the following telephone



TIWU Office          Judy Charles        Nicholas James

623-3539/4943                 355-2196         753-6852


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